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Become a Customer Experience Canvas Certified Practitioner!

The Customer Experience Canvas is all you need to know in order to analyze, design, manage, and implement the customer experience in your organization. The Customer Experience Canvas covers the 10 key domains of customer experience management will help you kickstart or refine your customer experience management program.

Garter (2017) shows that 95% of organizations haven’t considered customer experience management or are only setting their first steps.

But where do you start?

Together with KU Leuven university, one of the top 50 universities in the world, we developed the Customer Experience Canvas! This canvas offers you a unique and evidence-based framework for strategically managing the customer experience. The canvas brings the essence of customer experience management to the table.

Demonstrate your ability to work with the Customer Experience Canvas

The Customer Experience Canvas Certified Practitioner formally recognizes your knowledge and skills of the Customer Experience Canvas. Show your employer, future employer, colleagues and clients that you have what it takes to help organizations deliver better experiences to their customers! The certificate not only proves that you know the ins and outs of the Customer Experience Canvas, it also shows that you learned to apply it in your professional practice.

Who can apply?

If you work on customer experience management, if your organization or your clients are adopting customer experience management, or if you want to set the next step in your career, then becoming a Customer Experience Canvas Certified Practitioner is a good choice for you! The certificate provides evidence of your in-depth knowledge and real-world, hands-on experience on customer experience management.

How do I become a certified practitioner?

Sign up today to become a Customer Experience Canvas Certified Practitioner! Truth be told: We’re not going to hand over the certificate to just anyone. No no no, that’s not how it works. Customer Experience Canvas certified practitioners need to show that they can trusted advisors on customer experience management. Work your way to the certificate in a series of steps.

Sign up today to become a Customer Experience Canvas Certified Practitioner

Pass the exam about the theoretical underpinnings of the customer experience canvas

Tackle a customer experience management problem using the customer experience canvas and synthesize your approach in a five-page paper

Defend your project in front of a Kalepian

Congratulations! You have earned the title of "Customer Experience Canvas Certified Practitioner"

How can I prepare for the tests?

Follow Kalepa’s two-day or online executive masterclass on customer experience management. This masterclass offers you the knowledge and practical insights you need to successfully manage the customer experience. In case you followed the online executive masterclass, you are exempted from the exam about the theoretical underpinnings, as test questions were already administered when you proceeded through the online masterclass.

How do I get started?

Show your ambition and become a Customer Experience Canvas Certified Practitioner! Sign up today, and you’ll get one to two weeks to prepare for the initial exam. If you pass the exam, you get another two months to prepare and submit your report to the jury. We’ll schedule a meeting to defend your work in front of the jury. The whole process must be completed within three months after your subscription.

The cost for certification is €375
,- (excl. VAT).


Training: DV.O246162
Advice: DV.A246163

20% to 30% reduction possible